Union Acres Community was founded in 1989 in the heart of the beautiful Smoky Mountains of Western North Carolina. We are located one hour west of Asheville near Cherokee in the riverside town of Whittier, adjacent to Great Smoky Mountain National Park. The community is made up of 80 acres set aside for up to 24 residential dwellings (members own title to their individual lot/s). Seven acres is common land offering majestic woods, a wandering creek, hiking trails, garden space, a community center, and a lovely meadow with a swimming pool. 
Union Acres is a spiritually eclectic, ecologically conscientious, intentional community based upon the principles of earth stewardship, simplicity, and wholesome living. Our stated purpose is "to live as neighbors in peace, harmony, and ecological balance; to respect one another and all forms of life; to attune to and act in harmony with the Universal Life Force which is the essence of all existence." We enjoy coming together for many different kinds of gatherings such as potluck meals, talent shows, costume parties, and a wide variety of celebrations that honor many traditions; we also enjoy such sports as wiffleball, volleyball, swimming, kayaking, canoeing, hiking, and horseback riding. Many of these events are attended by "friends" of the community. As we grow in numbers, various members have expressed interest in developing other activities, some of which you can read about in future interests.

We seek people who are cooperative in nature, who share similar interests to ours, and who are willing and able to actively participate in both the work and play of building vibrant community.

Community Building & Pool

Pool and
                                                  Community Building

Pool & Lower Meadow

Pool and Lower

Community Building


Community Building & Upper Meadow

                                                  Building and Upper